Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Work At What You Love

The Hollywood Look For Less
and never work again. It is true however sometimes the transition from the life you have created, mortgage, credit card bills, car payment etc. keeps you stuck doing something you hate.
Probably the most fantastic thing that happened when we lost everything and commenced our comeback from homelessness was having the freedom to do absolutely anything. Ironically our natural urge to rush and take any job for survival and become trapped again in the system was not to be, we were too old. We were forced to do something else to survive. From our passion for fashion and styling came The Hollywood Look For Less show, teaching the women of our forgotten generation all was not lost, even if money was tight. Who would have thought we could create this amazing show and life with no money and a bunch of second clothes from charity shops. You see, once you put your back into something you are good at and really believe in, then get some momentum behind it, amazing things can happen. It is our goal to get a TV platform to help women rediscover their power, not an easy challenge in middle age, but undaunted we continue to work towards that. We have found the secrets to youth, beauty, style and happiness without money for real, valuable, relevant information particularly now as everyone is feeling the pinch financially. Women 40 plus feel neglected in the style stakes, the High Street has forgotten this 5.7 billion pound market and we know this audience is sick of being ignored so we keep shouting.

It is funny thing, change. Shirley, my mentor and lifecoach has a great analogy. When you decide to stop changing make sure you are ecstatic with everything you are, everything you think and everything you have because that is where you stay, stuck. (quite a frightening thought when put like that) We are afraid of change in the most part because we think we know best but be open because with it comes the most extraordinary insight and growth.  You only ever know what you know until you know something new. When you change you find things you believed with all your heart to be true (and would have argued black and blue to defend) are quite simply not reality. As we all face the impact of a world that has run out of money one thing that is always true, things could always be worse. So be grateful, bold and recognise if you are unhappy at work you do have the power within.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Times Change but Dreams Stay The Same

It is very interesting to come back to this blog I started writing in 2004 and then rereading the last few entries in 2007. Lot's has happened since then particularly Venus Cow a free resource for anyone looking to help themselves to a lot of happiness. Looking For Harvey Weinstein has not sold a million yet but we continue to work towards that goal and everytime someone orders a copy we smile, not because of the money, anyone will tell you few get rich from writing a book but because we are one sale closer to the dream and if you can sell one of anything you can sell a million.
For those of you who haven't yet read the book, our dream of producing a TV smash is still alive and kicking. Real dreams never leave us, we just didn't have the time to focus our attention on it but just recently something happened out of the blue that shows hard work is never wasted and learning to be patient is a valuable skill.
In 2005 we pitched Mark Bos, (How Clean Is Your House) a senior executive at TalkBack Thames some concept or other around budget lifestyle. Six years later, yep you've probably heard the TV business is slow, we get a three word email from Camilla Lewis, commissioner Factual saying "Hilarious, come in."

So the meeting is on Thursday. We are not thinking too much about it. These days, where dreams are concerned we very much recommend going with the flow. We will do our best and accept the outcome as meant to be this time and in this circumstance, whatever happens.

We know now when you want something you
"You just gotta keep screaming til they hear you out." Tinie Tempah.