Sunday, April 08, 2007

Doing Is What Makes The Dream Come True

If you've got a dream, do something, ain't enough to dream, do something. You can make it happen, it all depends on you. Doing is what makes the dream come true.

I do want to share a chain of events which show quite catagorically, in a glimpse, how dreams manifest into reality. The Girls show every day their action based philosophy does produce results and you don't have to be Einstein to connect the dots. They can teach you how to do the same, whatever it may be you want to achieve.


Sell a million copies of Looking For Harvey Weinstein.


1. Watch Dragon's Den realise product must be in distribution to get it into retail stores.
2. Get product into distribution.
3. Allign with Cancer Research, UK to help promote their charity shop chain.
4. Open flagship store in Statford Upon Avon, 6th April, 2007.
5. Receive attention from the press.
6. Invited guests on BBC radio show, get to plug Looking For Harvey Weinstein and local retailers.
7. Meet another presenter while in the radio station, get invited back on 18th April, to talk about the book for an hour.
8. Take book into all the local stores, tell them about the upcoming media exposure for the title and how they can buy it. Yes we are back to distribution.
9. Book signing events to be marketed on the radio.
10. Sales, sales and more sales.

"Rome wasn't built in a day" but is was built; a brick at a time.

Becoming a best selling author with a hit TV series? Exactly how ridiculous is that?

Would you think your nearest and dearest has lost their mind when confiding in you their lofty far reaching aspirations or would you be understanding and supportive when your mother confides in you her dream to take up show jumping and compete at Hickstead?

The truth.

"Never happen." you likely scoff as you lock up the drinks cabinet and throw away the key.

Don't worry however as you are not alone and unless you have been brave enough to pursue your own goals and ambitions to completion you have insufficient vision or insight to offer. Human beings tend to follow the pack, better to crush someone else's dream than face your own right, as accepting you only have one life; a finite amount of time to get on with it, and time is slipping by daily is very tough indeed.

When embarking on any personal development goal-

Rule number one is Keep Stum.

"Strength of numbers is the delight of the timid. The valiant in spirit glory in fighting alone." was Gandi's more eloquent way of conveying the same message.

In short, share your dream in the hope of finding moral support for it and at best you'll be convinced your plan is impossible, stupid or both, at worst marched off to the nearest nut house by your loved ones.

Once you have decided upon your goal, lose weight, stop smoking, run a marathon it becomes your intention. How you make your goal or dream manifest into your reality is a four step process. Check out Dr. Wayne Dyer.

To get what I want I must really, really, really, really want it.

Step 1. I really fill in the blank. Then see yourself in the wish. Everything you make happen for yourself begins with a wish.

Step 2. I really desire........................... After creating the picture of the wish ask for it out loud but in private remember.

Step 3. I really intend...............................No room for messing about here. After wishing and asking make a statement of intention.

"I intend to bring this picture into my world with the help and cooperation of (whatever you prefer to name the greater energy that created you) There is no room for provisos or doubt.

Step 4. I am really passionate about............................................ Be unwilling to allow anyone or anything to steer you from your passionate purpose. Tell no one of what you intend to produce in your life.

Those who get what they want from life are not blessed or charmed they are simply focused and most importantly passionate about what they want to achieve and always remember
"Rome wasn't built in a day."

If you give up your goal you must face a truth about yourself, you didn't really, really, really, really want it, now did you.