Monday, February 05, 2007

Out With The Old And In With The New

Last Friday The Girls headed out of the country and to the big city, London. In the olden days travelling to Chelsea in their ancient car would have been unthinkable for a start off. The ex ego maniacs so preoccupied with their image and the imaginary perception of others would have meant they missed out. How sad. This trip however had none of those depressing, negative vibes. Seeing their old stomping ground with detachment and no preconceptions was eye opening.

Sitting lunching in Langans on the Old Brompton Road surrounded by celebrities, with Christies just up the road at number 85 was something they would have killed for in the past. This time, clear headed they recognised Tom Cruise and Jerry Hall smiling at them for exactly what they really are, fakes dining for free in the form of two dimensional black and whites. Oh yes, anyone can say they sat next to Tom and not be called a liar. How do you think Peter Shepherd gets away with charging a tenner for one tiny crepe. Well he did buy his share off Michael Caine. That name still pulls in the punters thirty years on even though culinary genius and founding partner Peter Langan is long dead. Think about how much batter ten quid would buy and you get a vague inkling of how much the wise take us all for celebrity spotting desperados.

Celebrity stalking has now entered a new era for The Girls. They only do it now with an official invite. Fortunately with their TV career moving out of first gear they hope it won't be long before they are shaking hands in the big league, on the Punch sorry Richard and Judy show.

With the business over by three, (things actually get accomplished when alcohol doesn't figure) The Girls had time to meander down The Kings Road with the beautiful people. Being able to focus is an advantage when people watching, another reason to avoid boozing at lunch, but the dramatic conclusion of the day was collectively how thin everyone was. For a country where sixty percent of the population is obese, there was no sign of it there. It was quite a pleasant surprise for the Girls to be catapulted back into stylish land and be able to admire the self control in others instead of the self worth. Clearly not everyone is stuffing themselves into oblivion.

Changing your behaviour is an overwhelming, daunting task for all of us until we have done it. Then like anything else, in retrospect, we can't believe it took us as long as it did. Once you lose the weight, stop smoking, in fact accomplish anything for yourself you can't believe you didn't do it years ago. The reason most fail to accomplish their goals is being unable to face them as their truth in the first place. The key is being able to detach yourself from the "I" (the you) you don't like and view the "I" you from an objective place, effectively through someone elses eyes. It takes time and dedication to see yourself as others see you. Well we all think we're fantastic don't we but that is just our self preservation mechanism, the ego at work. If it painted a clear and realistic picture many would have actually aspired to being a twenty stone, balding librarian with a heart condition from a 40 a day smoking addiction and a penchant for kebabs.

The interesting thing for me is we can immediately change our behaviour and break our patterns if the media tell us to. As a society overnight we have detached from Jade Goody and attached to Shilpa Shetty. Shilpa was on the front page of every British newspaper this weekend. We are still at war? The fashion industry would crumble in a heap if the majority of us didn't buy into trends, hipster belts out, wide waist belts in. We even follow like sheep when it comes to where we live, where we go on holiday and even what we eat. But why?

The truth is very few of us have the sense we were born with let alone the where with all to use it. The mistake we all make is looking outward for fulfillment and inward only to help ourselves.
If we are able to reverse this in everything we do, look outward to help others and inward for our personal fulfillment we'd find we would get on much better. yes that does mean not being selfish so I suppose it's a tough one to sell, even when happiness is the prize. The problems arise for anyone who's a sheep. The latter means thinking for yourself and ceasing to follow the herd. I guess we don't want to be happy that much. Baa!!!

If you are the 1% this has struck a cord with, the first question you need to answer truthfully is, "Are you a sheep?" Then when you've found the courage to answer yes, rejoice in the fact you are on your way.

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