Thursday, January 25, 2007

TV personalities?

Well anything is truly possible. Who'd have thought those champagne guzzling, joint rolling maniacs could reinvent themselves and turn up on the British box life coaching the overweight drunkards they defended to the hilt in Los Angeles. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle?

I must say I was stunned to hear they have actually given up everything, I repeat everything. We, in that I mean The Girls, are still not recognizing shopping as an addiction I see but they have cleverly masqueraded their now one and only TRUE vice by only shopping in what the Brits call their charity shops, justifiable as philanthropy not psychosis. I must say they look good on it considering the image of two mad fashionistas rumaging through someone elses cast offs hardly conjures up visions of Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gautier at the Harrods sale. More like Steptoe and son picking up a bargain down Camden Lock.

So what has actually happened to them since we last met. I'm not sure but something has certainly had a hand in rewiring their processing and I don't think it's human. I can attest to the fact they are living on virtually nothing, possibly why the fags, booze, pot and finally food had to go, yes they are both looking remarkably svelte and even more remarkably pictures of health considering they left L.A. like two middle age baggages, one half dead, the lucky one, the other on a stretcher.

It has been a while since their wild and wonderful times at E! Entertainment and I'm sure Jeff Shore knew it was only a matter of time but now they have actually made their dream a reality they are proving their tried and tested formula on anyone else with a dream. Who'd have ever believed these two self obsessed, materialistic, over eating, over drinking, over smoking, cannabis campaigners could actually turn into Californians, OK that's a stretch but Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra in drag? Like I said anything is truly possible.

The Girls have already been let loose on a handful of unhappy Brits and shown them how to be happy without money. I'd recommend if you have celebrity status of any sort, watch out, because even clean and sober these two celebrity stalkers still come with a government health warning.

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