Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Getting It Away

It may not be Hollywood but getting in front of the "greenlight executive" isn't straight forward whatever planet you may be on. Things can always go wrong even when you are more prepped than a seven course dinner.

Up with the larks The Girls were leaving nothing to chance, everything that could be done the night before was and four hours to drive the hundred and twenty miles, even in their hundred and twenty year old car left room for an international incident on the way. One thing that hasn't changed, they still deplore lateness, in their minds there's no way round the fact, it makes you look like a loser and I'm inclined to agree.

Like I said however when you step into the Twilight Zone you can end up off course without ever understanding why. Sixty miles off course some might say takes some doing, particularly with two pages of directions, a road atlas and having been there before but hey ho, sometimes these things are sent to try us, test our wits, survival of the fitness etc. Learning to stay focused and keep ones cool in a crisis, an essential skill when living the dream and I challenge anyone to say this pair are not experts at that. You'd have to be to still be standing after the life they've had.

Needless to say everything happens for a reason and although I can't say too much about their fantastic meeting, (everything is top secret in T.V. land until you get it away and that doesn't mean what you think it does) you can find out more at the website.

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