Wednesday, January 24, 2007

From New York To the Trisha Goddard Show

A massive thank you to Peter Quinones, our hero in New York for his work on the spectacular Bohemiam Aesthetic. Ok so we are biased but the articles are cultured, thought provoking, well written and honest, a rare quality these days.

Yes, before you say anything, it was a surprise a review on the little pink book was included in the January issue. We put it down to genuine amazement at best, a favorable key word search didn't hinder either.

That said we are extremely grateful more and more people are slowly but surely hearing our version of events in Hollywood and suffice to say the wounds are healing nicely now we have a regular strand on the UK's leading daytime chat show. Maybe we'll persuade the producer's to let us give Harvey a charity shop make over.

If you are in the U.K. watch out for us

The Trisha Goddard Show 9th Feb, Channel 5. 10.30am. and "Love Your Life Living For Less"
and if you would like a Hollywood charity makeover all you have to do is call the show.

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