Monday, September 18, 2006

Got A Problem? Odds Against You?

That does sound like the tag line for the Ministry Of Common Sense but oh no, it was The Equalizer's Robert McCall, that sexy CIA operative who just popped it in the classified section in the 1980's and came to the rescue of a Charlie's Angel look a like in distress every week.

Well it turns out the show was one of Harvey's favorites and he's spending, well a lot, making it into a feature. Perhaps he'll finally see the connection between the real equalizing of life we do every day. Never really thought of ourselves in that light, good fighting evil, lone champions against unconquerable giants and paradoxically we're the Charlie's Angel look alikes.

We have said sorry for the misunderstanding. We are still awaiting his reply. We'll keep you posted. If you haven't heard the gossip yet..................................

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