Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Great To Be In Good Weinstein Company

Looks like our friend and mentor is back in business. Maybe now he will make our movie.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Inside Out BBC One

The Ministry Of Common Sense; is about brutal truth packaged in Common Sense.

It's a bit like electric shock treatment, short and sharp, a wake up call.
The philosophy is always positive even though it can be seen as negative by some. Facing one's truth begins with facing one's fears and taking responsibility for your life and your contribution. Easier said than done of course.

The presenters and teachers, who offer their free life coaching service to anyone brave enough to make eye contact, smile and confess their foibles on camera, ask the question SPOOF or REALITY?

Original, forward thinking and totally out of the box this six year reality journey from Hollywood to Leicester hits the UK through television.
Expect the unexpected in this mental, makeover show.
Reality Tales Of The Unexpected and Sometimes Unexplainable.

Mission Statement-Model On Genius.

Ministry Of Common Sense Profiles

John (48), Jan (53) Together on and off for the last five years. Not intimate. Never been good in that department. He's a sex maniac, she's frigid.
He hates every single thing about her and she can't stand him or his bad habits. He refuses to change. She is calling it a day unless he does. They have both ended the relationship more times than they have been out to dinner together. Their common denominator-both desperate.

Mission Statement -Better to be alone than wish you were alone.

Stephanie (25) Single and desperate to look like Twiggy. She wants to capture a man, wear skinny jeans and have fun like all her friends. She has tried “everything” to lose weight finally convincing herself being fat a predisposed condition. Her daily calorie intake, approx 5000. She snacks, between three hefty meals of fast food, on crisps, cakes and chocolate. All comfort eating whenever she faces her truth.

Mission Statement-Food=FAT, Healthy diet and exercise=THIN
You are what you eat. The truth, Eat like a pig and you'll look like one.

Steve (27)
Spent most of his teens and early twenties randomly poking anyone willing usually pissed or high. Recently found himself still single and sober sitting next to potentially the girl of his dreams.
With limited social skills and a bad reputation he goes in for the kill and gets knocked back. Humiliated, devastated he immediately turns back to drugs, alcohol and random bonking.

Mission Statement -Thinking About Sex=GOOD, Randon Sex=BAD
Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

Sandra (38), sad and alone. Life consists of nine hours per day indulging in erotic, flirtatious encounters with complete strangers over the internet.

Mission Statement -Get A Life.

Vernon (24) Destined to be the next Charlie Parker, recently homeless, his only possession his saxophone which comes in handy every day as he busks for tips outside Marks and Spencers in Leicester town centre. He has one set of clothes and everyday its a struggle not to pawn the sax to buy food or get a room for the night. With a ten quid makeover in Scope, some ego boosting about the music and a simple introduction to a local business owner he gets a Saturday night slot entertaining diners, living his dream and gets back on the ladder.

Mission Statement -You've got to be in it to win it.