Friday, February 24, 2006

Charity Shop Challenge

With the Oxfam store in Mayfair, London opening to huge media attention, loads of celebrity presence and good news on the home front, an article in the Leicester Mercury yesterday, things are on the up and up. Harvey was in London for the BAFTA'a, possibly a quick rendezvous with Ms Chapman, the "Head and Shoulders Girl" and back to Los Angeles in preparation for the Oscars. We're sure he's ecstatic about the way the movie business is going. The low budget, meaningful films he built his career on are clearly back in vogue. Not surprising really, everyone wants the truth eventually.

The book has found a place on the shelves of "The Pink Shop" in Countesthorpe, All That Glitters. What a fitting embarkation. Every journey starts with a tiny step. The pink bazaar is an expression of Molly, the owner, who not only gives the window shopper visual delights, but for anyone who needs a present, a card or just a pick me up, she's available with expertise on her hand picked merchandise. Contact her on

Check it out Tom Pegden's article.

With the Golden Globes, the Brits and now the BAFTAs out the way who'll be the first to go Charity Shop to the Oscars? Harvey? Unlikely he's got Georgina dressing him along with his stable of starlets, Cate Blanchett and the spectacular Renee Zellweger (could she have looked any better last Sunday) to name just a couple. Ok probably us. We'll keep working on it.

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