Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Back in the UK alive and kicking

We have made back to the UK having escaped the wrath of Harvey and the merry men at Disney. Los Angeles was no the most successful time in our lives but we did write the book, Looking for Harvey Weinstein which you can now purchase at www.amazon.co.uk

We are working for a public company in Leicester selling stairlifts, ThyssenKrupp, to really great people and we have been hired to help turn the company around. Life in the box is hard for us but we are loving life back at home.

Harvey lost his baby, Miramax and has moved in to Hollywood as we move out, good thing really because that town is not big enough for the three of us. Three in the bed and the fat said roll over, being crushed by big bad Harvey was bad enough in business, in the bedroom? well lets not go there. It is coming up to Christmas and having the freedom to sell the book here gives us many ways to promote our tale from Hollywood. we are getting a market stall and knocking them out at £10 a signed copy, so look out for us.

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