Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Mr. President's Had His Chips.

Down The Bush And Blair

In light of the upcoming British election now two days away and the fact that the public's apathy and lack of interest in politics has caused U.K. newspaper circulation to drop dramatically it seems the only thing anyone is interested in, is who is taking over as leader of the Labour Party.
Our money's on Gordon Brown. Enough said.

Mr. Bush is likely a little twitchy as he sees his allie's head on the chopping block. For a nation of barbarians historically, we may have progressed from public execution over 40 years ago but that doesn't stop angry voters hanging the P.M. on Question Time. Not sure which would be more painful.

The President's recent visit to Sedgefield, Mr. Blair's constituency in the industrial northeast, although great for tourism did little to boost enthusiasm for the Prime Minister. All eyes were on George W. as he enjoyed a plate of fish and chips at the Dun Cow Inn, Cleveland, however apart from the Black Hawk Down like security, helicopters circling and men in bullet proof vests not much else happened. He didn't even have a pint. Oh that's right he doesn't drink..............anymore.

We've not tried the food at the Dun Cow, a traditional local hostilry now part of a chain of landmark inns but would hazard a guess the chippie down the road offers a more authentic fish and chip experience for a fraction of the price.

The British pub is an institution and pub grub some of the best in the country however your average publican, Harry Ramsden he is not. So if you're looking for the best of both worlds sample the pub and chippie separately. Good fish and chips are an art form, not just plain old sustinence and must be eaten out of the paper, smothered in salt and malt vinegar after a skin full for maximum enjoyment.

Whether the leader of the "free world" will be welcomed back on English soil to have fish and chips for real with the new boss in parliament after the 5th, who knows. One thing is certain, cocking things up first time around hasn't stopped him in the past. We'll keep you posted.


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