Thursday, April 21, 2005

Self Published Authors' Best Kept Secret

Tis true we have grown weary of Los Angeles. In truth, Harvey Weinstein is on his way back, his new company, The Weinstein Company, will be based here and this town is certainly not big enough for a new freeway as they say.

We're heading home thanks to Richard Branson and his fabulous airline, Virgin Airways, cheaper than British Airways and friendlier staff. If you always look the part and are lucky enough to get upgraded, you might get to sit next to Hugh Laurie and do some celebrity stalking. He was on our last flight home.

We're returning to the UK for a nationwide press and media tour starting at the Axe and Square, Countesthorpe, Leicester. If you're a local drop us a line and say hello. The thought of sitting down with a drink, a fag and you lot hungry for stories of Harvey and Hollywood is amazing.

And as for our best kept secret, we can smell the fish and chips from here.


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