Friday, April 01, 2005

Come back Harvey All is forgiven

Come Back Harvey All Is Forgiven
As the media spew ramblings about who’s right and who’s wrong in the spat between the family, entertainment conglomerate Disney and the boisterous independent movie makers, The Weinstein brothers, two much lesser known British, middle aged art philanthropists wonder where the highly publicized divorce leaves them.

The women have published their parallel veracity during a three year quest in Los Angeles to save a Russian fresco master using the clout of Hollywood, namely Harvey Weinstein.

However the hilarious positive diaries have caused so much unnecessary hullabaloo it’s a joke. As the Weinsteins lose Miramax, the company named after their parents, Miriam and Max, the women believe their already distributed and selling Erin Brokovich esque paperback would be a blessing and a gift for a marketing and branding genius. After all it’s not easy to get to a man like Harvey Weinstein.

The Yanez ex sister’s in law, herald from Yorkshire, England a far cry from The Weinstein Brothers early stooping ground, Queens, New York but both partnerships’ unorthodox approach to business led to success on opposite sides of the Atlantic, New York for The Weinsteins and London for the women who continue to regard Harvey Weinstein’s brilliance despite their current predicament.
In Harvey’s newly reclaimed indie reverence, looking and feeling younger and happier than ever, wouldn’t making his first book out the gate’s of the new company, an independent going concern bearing his name in the title, make sense? What better way to hit the public back with Reality Bridget Jones in Hollywood, a funny positive bestseller not really about you and market and brand the next Miramax at the same time.
Who knows where Harvey goes now. I’m sure lots of people will be looking for him. One thing is for sure, he can go back to being the expert bridge builder between creation and execution now his corporate shackles have been loosened.

Will he? Let’s hope so. Then everyone who truly loves The Weinstein’s magic touch in movie making can look forward to the next decade of educating, evolved and enlightening entertainment.


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