Thursday, December 30, 2004

TV Show Seeking All Creative Genius Living Their Dream; Email:
Art Interiors, 721 30th St, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254.
310-379 0683
Art Haus: Watch Out For New Television Show

30th December, 2004-Hermosa Beach, CA.

Hot show currently in production. Any creative genius out there who needs expose please contact us.
Art Haus – UKLA

Produced By: Guy Grimm


Shirley and Holly Yanez

Pitch For Cable Television.

Weekly half hour chat featuring mystery celebrities and struggling genius protégées, critique and guidance from Shirley and Holly meets human interest and struggle with The Girls down to earth, saucy British humour thrown in, think Bill Maher inside Sharon Osbourne times two, living proof of their own success story.

Who, Shirley and Holly?

British satirical comedy writers, published authors, business entrepreneurs, critics of life and social pioneers, the modern day Medici. Radio and television hosts, investigative journalists and style gurus. Los Angeles ain’t seen nothing yet. Hold onto your hats. Truth truth and more truth packaged in exuberant, overconfident, lovable, positive, brilliant, British best friends from Yorkshire.

The Set: The Art Haus

Relaxed, comfortable, intimate setting full of art, books and music with a feet up casual at home approach. Extremely funky, hip, zany and super stylish.

The Show

A cultural salon for immerging local (Southbay) creative genius living and fulfilling their dreams.
It’s high energy and it is for the people. Shirley and Holly bring girl next door charm and business acumen, coupled with back door tips to crack a market. i.e. a forum for local talent to share their stories, struggle and experience. Mentoring and massive feel good factor. The say it how it is brutal truth comedians take people into the Art Haus a.k.a. Ministry of Common Sense, telling their audience human interest stories of passion, pain, patience and persistence. The story of the dreamer and if there is anything Shirley and Holly understand it is how to make dreams come true. They go out with a roving camera to trap their mystery celebrities and convince them they need to give back to their own. Just watching Shirley and Holly will wear you out. They showcase talent to the market, potentially launching careers.

The Format

The back story on a struggling creative genius, example Olive Evans, Manhattan Beach, breast cancer survivor and published author of The Thrift Store Bears has fulfilled her dream. The Girls give advice and critique of the protégée’s work.

The Conclusion

A show for the underdog hosted by the only women on the planet who are undeniably English Bulldogs.


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