Thursday, December 30, 2004

British Media Rave Over Controversial Expose

The reviews are getting better and better for the little pink book that has raised so many eyebrows in Hollywood yet the Brits, unlike Queen Victoria are highly amused. With Harvey Weinstein gagged by Disney if you want the scoop you need to buy the book love.

"Charming" Bill Radke, America Today

"Breezy and hilariously upfront" Liz Hoggard, London Observer

"Couldn't put it down, saucy, sexy and salacious" Chris Highton, BBC Radio

"Love the book--- great wit, short "with it" punchy sentences, literate and interesting. I'm savoring it piece by piece on a daily basis. " David Evans, The Welshman

"Personal, shocking and will be a movie. An infectious frame by frame account of a truly unbelievable story." Fernando Shannon. U.S Coast Guard.


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