Sunday, November 07, 2004

Harvey Weinstein caught red handed.

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Looking For Harvey Weinstein’s Farenheit 9/11?
6th November, 2004 Hermosa Beach, CA –As the self published book “Looking For Harvey Weinstein” has Hollywood twitching but not quite knowing why and the media totally confused, Holly and Shirley Yanez eagerly watch and wait while Disney and Miramax collapse before their eyes. Harvey Weinstein being portrayed as the hero in part one, would seemingly be a positive for the company yet it is the sequel “And Finding The Twins Of Tribeca” currently with a large UK publisher, where you get the real Down and Dirty on Mickey and his Merry Men so to speak, that everyone is afraid of. Think Kill Bill in book form, the revenge.
There are many questions surrounding the title of part two and its rightful owner as Mr. Weinstein allegedly purchased another book entitled “The Twins Of Tribeca” from a certain Rachel Pines, in November, 2003. Holly and Shirley Yanez maintain this is in fact their original concept and it was Mr. Weinstein who stole from them. The answers, my friends are blowing in the wind, according to Bob Dylan as we sit by the river and watch our enemies float by.
Is it reasonable to assume there would be repercussions from Harvey’s surreptitious yet blatant support of Michael Moore’s controversial film against the instructions of the Walt Disney Board? Doesn’t he have a fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders? The last time we checked Disney was a public company. Stealing from the rich and giving back to the richer? Well it’s a whole new spin on Robin Hood but would Walt give it a green light?
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