Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The book. Posted by Hello

Holly ready to pounch on her next unsuspecting customer. Posted by Hello

Modest Beginnings (just like Marks and Spencers) Posted by Hello

Sandy from VH1 buys the book and chats to The Girls about Reality Television, Hip Hop and Pot. Posted by Hello

Marketing on a budget.  Posted by Hello

The very first time Harvey is smack bang next to The Girls thanks to Stephanie Smith at The Yorkshire Evening Post Posted by Hello

Monday, September 27, 2004

The Girls Sell The Book Outside Barnes and Noble

It seemed impossible to get anyone to allow The Girls to sell their book on the street but persistance paid off last Saturday when Carlos, the Manager at Trader Joe's, Manhattan Beach gave them the thumbs up to set up their stall and go for it.

Barnes and Noble weren't too happy next door. Perhaps it will encourage them to get their skates on and stock the book. The public were curious (read scared) but the event proved another huge "Twilight Zone" success. They sold 22 books in three hours. A record.

Sandy from VH1 happened to be buying coffee in Barnes and Noble at the exact moment The Girls were and recognized the English accents from numerous canvas calls to get the book on VH1's online store. She bought a book. A gentleman wearing a Miramax International T-shirt pulled up right in front of them, coincidence number two but when they tried to engage him in conversation his response was, well curt before running off desperate to make a phone call. Was he calling Harvey? Who knows but it took him a while to pluck up the courage to return to his car, hopping mad with steam clearly visible from his ears. As you probably guessed, he didn't purchase a copy but The Girls didn't mind. They couldn't pin him down and find out exactly who he was. He just wasn't receptive however they were content to know their antics were going straight back to the main man himself.