Friday, December 31, 2004

Here are your host's of Art Haus a.k.a. Ministry Of Common Sense having champage at the polo. You never know Harvey might be there. We'll let you know. Watch out for the show. Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 30, 2004

TV Show Seeking All Creative Genius Living Their Dream; Email:
Art Interiors, 721 30th St, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254.
310-379 0683
Art Haus: Watch Out For New Television Show

30th December, 2004-Hermosa Beach, CA.

Hot show currently in production. Any creative genius out there who needs expose please contact us.
Art Haus – UKLA

Produced By: Guy Grimm


Shirley and Holly Yanez

Pitch For Cable Television.

Weekly half hour chat featuring mystery celebrities and struggling genius protégées, critique and guidance from Shirley and Holly meets human interest and struggle with The Girls down to earth, saucy British humour thrown in, think Bill Maher inside Sharon Osbourne times two, living proof of their own success story.

Who, Shirley and Holly?

British satirical comedy writers, published authors, business entrepreneurs, critics of life and social pioneers, the modern day Medici. Radio and television hosts, investigative journalists and style gurus. Los Angeles ain’t seen nothing yet. Hold onto your hats. Truth truth and more truth packaged in exuberant, overconfident, lovable, positive, brilliant, British best friends from Yorkshire.

The Set: The Art Haus

Relaxed, comfortable, intimate setting full of art, books and music with a feet up casual at home approach. Extremely funky, hip, zany and super stylish.

The Show

A cultural salon for immerging local (Southbay) creative genius living and fulfilling their dreams.
It’s high energy and it is for the people. Shirley and Holly bring girl next door charm and business acumen, coupled with back door tips to crack a market. i.e. a forum for local talent to share their stories, struggle and experience. Mentoring and massive feel good factor. The say it how it is brutal truth comedians take people into the Art Haus a.k.a. Ministry of Common Sense, telling their audience human interest stories of passion, pain, patience and persistence. The story of the dreamer and if there is anything Shirley and Holly understand it is how to make dreams come true. They go out with a roving camera to trap their mystery celebrities and convince them they need to give back to their own. Just watching Shirley and Holly will wear you out. They showcase talent to the market, potentially launching careers.

The Format

The back story on a struggling creative genius, example Olive Evans, Manhattan Beach, breast cancer survivor and published author of The Thrift Store Bears has fulfilled her dream. The Girls give advice and critique of the protégée’s work.

The Conclusion

A show for the underdog hosted by the only women on the planet who are undeniably English Bulldogs.

British Media Rave Over Controversial Expose

The reviews are getting better and better for the little pink book that has raised so many eyebrows in Hollywood yet the Brits, unlike Queen Victoria are highly amused. With Harvey Weinstein gagged by Disney if you want the scoop you need to buy the book love.

"Charming" Bill Radke, America Today

"Breezy and hilariously upfront" Liz Hoggard, London Observer

"Couldn't put it down, saucy, sexy and salacious" Chris Highton, BBC Radio

"Love the book--- great wit, short "with it" punchy sentences, literate and interesting. I'm savoring it piece by piece on a daily basis. " David Evans, The Welshman

"Personal, shocking and will be a movie. An infectious frame by frame account of a truly unbelievable story." Fernando Shannon. U.S Coast Guard.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Harvey Weinstein caught red handed.

For Immediate Release
Press Contact - Holly Yanez; 310 379 0683
Looking For Harvey Weinstein’s Farenheit 9/11?
6th November, 2004 Hermosa Beach, CA –As the self published book “Looking For Harvey Weinstein” has Hollywood twitching but not quite knowing why and the media totally confused, Holly and Shirley Yanez eagerly watch and wait while Disney and Miramax collapse before their eyes. Harvey Weinstein being portrayed as the hero in part one, would seemingly be a positive for the company yet it is the sequel “And Finding The Twins Of Tribeca” currently with a large UK publisher, where you get the real Down and Dirty on Mickey and his Merry Men so to speak, that everyone is afraid of. Think Kill Bill in book form, the revenge.
There are many questions surrounding the title of part two and its rightful owner as Mr. Weinstein allegedly purchased another book entitled “The Twins Of Tribeca” from a certain Rachel Pines, in November, 2003. Holly and Shirley Yanez maintain this is in fact their original concept and it was Mr. Weinstein who stole from them. The answers, my friends are blowing in the wind, according to Bob Dylan as we sit by the river and watch our enemies float by.
Is it reasonable to assume there would be repercussions from Harvey’s surreptitious yet blatant support of Michael Moore’s controversial film against the instructions of the Walt Disney Board? Doesn’t he have a fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders? The last time we checked Disney was a public company. Stealing from the rich and giving back to the richer? Well it’s a whole new spin on Robin Hood but would Walt give it a green light?
For More Information; Email:
Art Interiors, 721 30th St, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The book. Posted by Hello

Holly ready to pounch on her next unsuspecting customer. Posted by Hello

Modest Beginnings (just like Marks and Spencers) Posted by Hello

Sandy from VH1 buys the book and chats to The Girls about Reality Television, Hip Hop and Pot. Posted by Hello

Marketing on a budget.  Posted by Hello

The very first time Harvey is smack bang next to The Girls thanks to Stephanie Smith at The Yorkshire Evening Post Posted by Hello

Monday, September 27, 2004

The Girls Sell The Book Outside Barnes and Noble

It seemed impossible to get anyone to allow The Girls to sell their book on the street but persistance paid off last Saturday when Carlos, the Manager at Trader Joe's, Manhattan Beach gave them the thumbs up to set up their stall and go for it.

Barnes and Noble weren't too happy next door. Perhaps it will encourage them to get their skates on and stock the book. The public were curious (read scared) but the event proved another huge "Twilight Zone" success. They sold 22 books in three hours. A record.

Sandy from VH1 happened to be buying coffee in Barnes and Noble at the exact moment The Girls were and recognized the English accents from numerous canvas calls to get the book on VH1's online store. She bought a book. A gentleman wearing a Miramax International T-shirt pulled up right in front of them, coincidence number two but when they tried to engage him in conversation his response was, well curt before running off desperate to make a phone call. Was he calling Harvey? Who knows but it took him a while to pluck up the courage to return to his car, hopping mad with steam clearly visible from his ears. As you probably guessed, he didn't purchase a copy but The Girls didn't mind. They couldn't pin him down and find out exactly who he was. He just wasn't receptive however they were content to know their antics were going straight back to the main man himself.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Here it is. Get it for a song on Ebay. Posted by Hello

The Girls Celebrity Stalking at Orso, haven for Hollywood's heavy hitters, greenlight gang and the one hour power lunch with a movie mogul. Posted by Hello

About The Book

This is the story of four pair.

The first pair are THE GIRLS, and I don’t mean THAT kind of pair,
        although those are there too, mind you!No, I am talking about a pair of go-getter gals who jettison their UK roots,
        and safety and security and riches,           to invade America and become Evangelists for Genius.            No small goals for THESE girls.             Think Elizabeth Hurley and Rebecca DeMornay
                    on AbFab-overconfident-overdrive.

Then there's HARVEY WEINSTEIN -- the man, and the myth
                                                 (so there's your pair right there).    The bloke the babes believe will be their Knight in shining armor,
           or denim, or polyester, WHATEVER,
               just be the KNIGHT, for God's sake!     He may come through, but maybe not in the way the Girls expect,
           or want, or desire.     Sometimes you can't get what you want, you get what you NEED,
             ain't that right Mick and Keith?                 And what a pair of Rolling Gallstones THOSE two are! 
                      They still rock!  But I digress.

Then there are the TWO HUNK HUBBIES,
            the hairy pair who the Girls fell for hard,
            hard bodies who ultimately were not right for the Girls                       the way water is not right for vinegar,
                              if you get my drift, and i know you do.

Then, finally, there is the CREATIVE GENIUS artiste, and his genius work.          Can the Girls bring him to World prominence,
         reveal the "new Michelangelo" for all to love, for eons to come?       Or will Hollywood chew and spit out the lot of them     faster than movie execs turning their heads to ogle J.Lo butt cleavage?

There you go.  Now you know.Four pair, highly rare, not a moment to spare, there's a major story there.

A story of love.  And rejection.A story of struggles.  And snuggles.A story of genius that cannot be denied. 
                                         And the snide who love a free ride.A story of how The Girls finally DO pitch Harvey their film
                   that will change the world,                    but wind up wowing him with their "Ciggie Thingie" instead.

What's a "Ciggie Thingie"? You gotta read the screenplay, luv!                       Suffice it to say, it saves the day.

Remember: you can't always get what you want,
                 but sometimes, you get what you NEED."Change the way you look at things,
                 and the things you look at will change."That ain't Confucius, that's the Girls --
                 and it ain't confusing, it's actually amusing.