Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's Another Book

Shirley has been working on her first official "Self Help Book" so after countless requests for a life coaching book here it is, "Help Work Yourself Out" by Shirley Yanez.

This book is short, easy to read and understand. It is a simple guide that takes you through step by step all the things you need to do to start down the road of a more mindful and self aware existence. It's brain training in a way but not so you can be better at Suduko. It is more a really simple look at how you take back control of your life and by that I mean your daily thoughts and actions in order to embark on a new life path towards everything you want to be instead of everything you are.

I know this may sound like a combination of "The Impossible Dream" and "The Incredible Journey" but believe me when I tell you, you only know what you know until you know something new. If you want to feel happy you can only achieve it from the inside out. The thing that is so poigniant for me and makes this book much more credible than other more academic, let's say texts, is Shirley discovered what she writes about by chance, by circumstance, by experience and is not simply repeating learned facts. The reality of her personal story resonates throughout. And she is right there with you through the book, encouraging you, willing you just to let go, trust and practise the steps, however impossible you believe they may be. It is not easy to change your behaviour and "Work Yourself Out" but it is possible if you really want it and Shirley is there in the trenches with you to help every step of the way.

The book is available in paperback from Shirley's website Venus Cow for £5 or to download via Kindle for £1.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Poop Snoop Reviews

Poopsnoop; not to be confused with Poop Scoop, or Snoop Dogg, is a new review website I think will do really well. It has only recently been launched but I keep checking and the user base and number of good quality informative reviews keeps growing.

The beauty of the site as I see it is you not only get the review info but you also get a profile on the reviewer (or Snooper) so you can assess if your tastes/lifestyle are similar and therefore make a reasoned judgement whether the review is pertinent to you.

Also the reviews are moderated and rated by the users, majority rule acting as a natural filter, a bit like Yahoo answers, so I think this maybe a new site to watch. Great idea, great design and great purpose, a winning combination.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Dreams Do Come True......And Not Just In The Movies

What a week. A dream come true. Read all about the pitch and then the kiss, a truly magic moment for us 10 years in the making in Citizenseye.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Shirley Yanez Kisses Harvey Weinstein

As he agrees to a 2 minute pitch from her (captured on film by our friends at Pukaar News) at the world premier of his new production, Finding Neverland at Curve Theatre, Leicester on 4th September. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Shirley Talks To Sally Pepper about The Sport Of Seduction

Author Shirley Yanez joins Sally Pepper, BBC radio Leicester, 104.9FM on Monday 30th July at 1pm to discuss life, life coaching and her new book, The Sport Of Seduction, Every Man's Guide To Getting Laid, now available on Kindle priced £1.53.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Book By Shirley Yanez

The Sport Of Seduction, Every Man's Guide To Getting Laid.

When romance is as dead as the new romantics, having sex for real is no longer on the minds of women. They'd rather go to bed, metaphorically speaking, with Christian Grey, the fictional leading man in 50 Shades of Grey.

Shirley's pitch for her new book is "A laugh out loud read for any man interested in becoming as essential to womankind as the battery in a sex maniacs vibrator." an accurate description I think.

We started working on this together in 2004, just after LFHW was published, for a little light relief and something to do to keep our minds off how terrible things were at that time but since we came back to the UK it had almost been forgotten about.

When all of a sudden the 50 Shades phenomenon happened and it was clear women weren't getting what they needed from their men at home, the time was right for the men's "How To Get Laid" guide to come out for a spin. When we reread it after 8 years we couldn't believe how hilarious it was and know once people start reading it, both men and women are going to love it. Shirley is working on the sister book for women due out in September, Hook, Lie and Sink Him, Every Girl's Guide To The Sport Of Seduction, so look out for that.

The great thing now if you have a manuscript you believe in and want to have a go at marketing it, Kindle/Amazon are there with amazing free tools to produce and sell your ebook. We were even able to produce a simple ebook cover for free thanks to www.myecovermaker.com, so anyone can do it.

The Sport Of Seduction is available to download from Kindle for £1.53, but you can get a free taster, the first 5 pages is enough to draw a smile or two. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Looking For Harvey Weinstein Now Available on Kindle

You can now download the little pink book that has the whole of Hollywood twitching for just £2.62 ($3.99) on Kindle. More celebrity shocks than Katie Holmes' journal. Read it and find yourself in it.